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“The lawsuit was filed by Cause of Action, which describes itself as a group dedicated to fighting waste, fraud and mismanagement in the federal government. The complaint (PDF) also names Fuel Cell Energy, a Danbury, Conn.-based fuel cell maker and competitor to Bloom Energy, as a plaintiff, Cause of Action spokeswoman Mary Beth Hutchins said in a Wednesday interview. It also names an individual, John Nichols, who is a customer of Delmarva Power & Light, the utility that’s working with Bloom.

“Our desire is that the court will issue a summary judgment” halting the Bloom deal from going forward, Hutchins said. “Our allegation is that the governor and the public service commission have essentially engaged in cronyism.”…Cause of Action’s lawsuit accuses the state of creating a “system of discriminatory eligibility requirements, subsidies, and energy-portfolio-standards multipliers that benefit Bloom,” when it rewrote its renewable portfolio standards act in late 2011. Cause of Action has also filed two Freedom of Information Act requests to examine public comments and economic studies submitted in support of the tariff…”


  1. Sorry to say, this money will not create any jobs. It will be spent acrdcoing to the parameters of the regulations, but that doesn’t mean it is doing anything for the economy. It will, however, stimulate quite a bit of administrative challenges within the organization.Without going into too much detail, people would have different opinions on whether or not this money is well spent or not. It is a supplement to an existing fund, and I don’t really see the actual need demonstrated that more funds were needed…in fact, we will have to differentiate between existing and stimulus funds, which tells me that the existing funding level was quite enough.I think that most of the jobs that will be “created” through ARRA will be government jobs (which tend to last forever, unlike construction jobs), and, as Tyler points out, lots and lots and lots of lawyers.