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“A government watchdog group has filed a court complaint against the Federal Trade Commission, claiming the agency arbitrarily denied its public records requests while granting those of liberal organizations.

Cause of Action, a non-profit organization that promotes government transparency, filed an injunction for relief Friday in the United States District Court of the District of Columbia, requesting the court to force the agency to disclose records it has so far withheld. Cause of Action filed the complaint after filing three separate Freedom of Information Act requests and sparring with the agency for nearly nine months.

“For an administration that has publicly committed itself to transparency, the Federal Trade Commission’s refusal to produce documents in response to Cause of Action’s several month-long FOIA investigation reeks of arbitrariness,” Cause of Action executive director Dan Epstein said in a statement to the Free Beacon. “As we state in our complaint, the FTC has wrongfully withheld requested agency records and has repeatedly denied our appeals.”