Executive Director Dan Epstein on Radio America discusses the CPPW report.


  1. Sheila Martin says

    CPPW money is being used in St Joseph Missouri right now to push a smoking ban.

  2. Sheila Martin says

    The CDC is acting as the marketing arm for the company that sells the patches and gums. It is spending, right now, on radio and TV ads, over $80,000,000 on an ad campaign that directs people to call Quitlines. When you call Quitlines, they tell you to go and get the patches and gums. They tell you that these products work best. This is not true. According to the recent Harvard study, the patches and gums work no better than cold turkey. Cold turkey does not produce campaign donations to elected officials, who vote to approve the illegal lobbying funding! Cold turkey does not produce grants to grant moochers on every level of the government and in the “non profit” communities. The American Cancer Society has the QUitline contracts in 27 states, with their partner, Alere. The ACS made over $9,000,000 on the last 990 of theirs I could find!

    The CDC IS the marketing arm of pharma. The CDC Foundation directs the activities of the CDC. On the CDC Foundation board sits Dr Robert Satcher, who is also on the board of Johnson and Johnson.