Cause of Action Commends House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Oversight Agenda

WASHINGTON – On April 2, Gibson Dunn released their assessment  of the submitted oversight agendas of the 113th Congress.  Gibson Dunn outlined key areas of oversight that they considered noteworthy in these submissions, including the Department of Energy.

Cause of Action has repeatedly drawn into question the accountability at the Department of Energy, particularly with the Loan Guarantee Program which has awarded more than $9 billion in grants.

Dan Epstein, executive director:

“Under the Department of Energy, millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted on grants and loans to companies that failed to produce the promised results, were not innovative in technology, and in some cases ultimately declared bankruptcy. We believe that the DOE engaged in arbitrary and capricious methods when awarding loan guarantees through the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing program and that certain qualified candidates—like XP Vehicles—were not evaluated on their merits, and were essentially overlooked for less qualified and politically-connected candidates.  As Cause of Action continues our investigation into how these loans were awarded, we look to OGR to continue their oversight of the DOE Loan Guarantee Program, and look forward to helping them fulfill their mission to work, ‘in partnership with citizen-watchdogs, to deliver the facts to the American people and bring genuine reform to the federal bureaucracy.’”

To learn more about Cause of Action, and their lawsuit against the Department of Energy, click here.