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“In a lawsuit filed by the non-profit group Cause of Action, we may have an answer to that in the future.

The lawsuit involves the actions of the Department of Energy (DOE) and loans the Department made to help develop hybrid and electric cars. Enter into the arena a company by the name of XP Vehicles(XPV). In 2008, XP Vehicles applied for a loan from the Department of Energy for their revolutionary all electric, small SUV. XP Vehicles was using basic “off the shelf” products to make a vehicle that was one third lighter than a Toyota Prius. This was accomplished by using expanding polymers for the car’s body, making it lighter and safer. To propel the car, XP Vehicles partnered with Limnia, Inc, a company that was going to use a solid state regenerative sodium fuel cell to generate electricity for the electric motor. Instead of charging, the fuel cell could be “hot swapped” within a few minutes. The resultant combination of technologies would be a safe, lightweight car with virtually unlimited range. No longer would the electric car require charging for 8 hours or a long extension cord being dragged behind it.”