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CoA’s Dan Epstein Joins Martha Zoller Show to Discuss Case Against the Dept. of Energy

Dan Epstein – Martha Zoller Show, Jan 27, 2012 Dan Epstein, Executive Director of Cause of Action joined The Martha Zoller Show to discuss the lawsuit filed against the Department of Energy that could threaten jobs and costs consumers millions of dollars.

The Daily Caller: Heating and AC distributors file petition against Energy Dept.

Read the full story here. Daily Caller “Cause of Action, representing HARDI, however, claims that the new standards will result in the loss of nearly 17,000 jobs, $7 million in lost wages and that the elderly will be disproportionately affected because they will not be able to recover the costs […]

CoA Holds Dept. of Energy Accountable for Ignoring Procedure

Cause of Action, on behalf of Heating, Air-conditioning, and Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) filed a petition to intervene in a lawsuit against the Department of Energy for refusing to follow protocol and breaking procedure. The Department of Energy issued a rule that will drive up costs for distributors, installers, and […]

CoA Files Petition on Behalf of HARDI Against the Department of Energy

Cause of Action Files Petition on Behalf of HARDI Against Department of Energy DOE Oversteps Its Rule-making Bounds Causing Financial Consequences for Heating and Air Businesses and Customers WASHINGTON – Cause of Action filed a petition on January 20 in the U.S. Court of Appeals on behalf of the Heating, […]

VIDEO: CoA’s Amber Taylor on ANDERSON Discussing FDA’s Over Regulation of Trent Arsenault

Amber Taylor with Cause of Action visits Anderson Cooper’s daytime show to explain how the FDA is over regulating Trent Arsenault, a private citizen sperm donor who has been told to “cease manufacture” of his sperm.