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Cause of Action Sues CPSC for Withholding Documents

What is the Consumer Product Safety Commission Trying to Keep from the Public About Buckyballs?

WASHINGTON – Cause of Action (CoA), a government accountability organization, sued the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) today for failing to release documents to the public about Craig Zucker, the former CEO of the company that sold Buckyballs. Well past the statutory 20 day deadline, the CPSC has yet to produce any documents in response to a November 12, 2013 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request CoA submitted.

“This administration was just pegged with the title the ‘most secretive’ administration in history and the CPSC’s refusal to produce documents is another example of that spirit of secrecy,” said CoA Executive Director Dan Epstein. “Americans have an interest in how federal agencies conduct oversight, and the CPSC’s consistent unresponsiveness to our inquiry is a disservice to the public.”

CoA’s FOIA requested:

  1. All records underlying CPSC’s estimate [that small, high-powered magnet sets were associated with 1,700 emergency room-treated injuries between 2009 and 2011].
  2. All records related to the drafting, preparation and clearance of the April 12, 2013 CPSC recall release regarding the recall of Buckyballs® and Buckycubes® by six retailers (CPSC Recall Release 13-168).
  3. All records comprising the monthly progress reports of the six retailers who agreed to participate in the Buckyballs® and Buckycubes® magnet recall that was announced on April 12, 2013 (CPSC Recall Release 13-168).
  4. All records reflecting, regarding or referencing, and all communications between, CPSC staff and Strong Force, Inc. regarding the product marketed as NeoCube magnet sets.
  5. All records generated, downloaded or created by CPSC and/or its staff containing, discussing, reflecting, regarding or referencing expressions of public criticism or concern with respect to:  (1) their conduct concerning the recall of Buckyballs®, Buckycubes®, NeoCube or any other magnet sets, and/or (2) their actions against [M&O] and/or Mr. Craig Zucker.
  6. All records generated, downloaded or created by CPSC and/or its staff referencing or concerning Mr. Craig Zucker.

Read the complaint here.

About Cause of Action:

Cause of Action is a non-profit, nonpartisan government accountability organization that fights to protect economic opportunity when federal regulations, spending and cronyism threaten it. For more information, visit

To schedule an interview with Cause of Action’s Executive Director Dan Epstein, contact Mary Beth Hutchins,  202-400-2721