HHS Inspector General Finds Potential Misuse of Obamacare Federal Grant Dollars

The IG for HHS, Daniel R. Levinson, recently sent a letter to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services expressing concern that Obamacare state exchanges may be unlawfully spending federal grant dollars to fund operations.

Fox News: Watchdog claims union’s legal fight reveals ObamaCare fraud

Read the full story: Fox News Non-profit group Southern United Neighborhoods got a $1.3 million federal grant in 2013 to serve as a “navigator,” enrolling people in Affordable Care Act coverage. The group subcontracted with United Labor Unions Local 100, which, according to Cause of Action, paid members less than […]

Cause of Action Requests Investigation and Audit of Affordable Care Act Navigator in Texas for Potential Misuse of Federal Funds

Allegations against Southern United Neighborhoods and United Labor Unions Point to Misuse of Federal Funds by Failing to Comply with Navigator requirements

Cause of Action Supports Congressional Efforts for an Inspector General over the Affordable Care Act

CoA Sends Letter of Support for Special Inspector General for Monitoring the Affordable Care Act of 2014, H.R. 4158

Affordable Care Act Navigator Assistance Grants

A full list of Affordable Care Act Navigator Assistance Grant recipients

Washington Examiner: Complaint suggests HUD may have inappropriately promoted Obamacare

HUD may have violated prohibitions against using appropriated funds “for publicity or propaganda purposes not authorized by the Congress.”

Government Executive: Transparency Group Wants to Know If HUD’s Promotion of Obamacare Was Illegal

Numerous high-level HUD officials may have “improperly directed subordinate staff to engage in activity that violated HUD’s appropriations.”

James Valvo on the Lars Larson Show 4/14/2014

Cause of Action’s James Valvo talks with Lars Larson about our letters to HUD and HHS Inspectors General asking them to investigate Obamacare spending.

CoA Letters Requesting Investigations of HUD and HHS in Implementation of Health Care Law

Investigate whether HHS violated any laws when HUD coordinated with HHS and the White House in implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Fox News: Enroll America under fire again after video suggests involvement in partisan politics

Read the full story: Fox News “Despite its claims of serving the public good, it appears that Enroll America has abused its tax-exempt status by using donor contributions for political and other impermissible purposes,” the group said Friday.   Cause of Action also argues Tarango’s comments indicate Enroll is “engaging […]