SCOTUSblog: Argument preview: Can plain language be vague?

Cause of Action urges the Court to hear the case and to act against the over-criminalization.

Fox News: Fishy business at the Supreme Court: Florida Capt. John Yates’ sad saga

A federal employee who destroys documents to obstruct an investigation is reassigned, while a taxpayer who orders fish thrown overboard is imprisoned.

Cause of Action Files Amicus Brief Before Supreme Court in Yates Case

The government’s conduct in this case is quintessential Executive Branch overreach

Dan Epstein on the Lars Larson Show 4/28/2014

Cause of Action’s Dan Epstein talks with Lars Larson about our amicus brief in John L. Yates v. United States.

Washington Post: Supreme Court to decide if law forbidding destruction of financial records applies to fish

One group, Cause of Action, said the case was about government overreach.

Cause of Action statement on Supreme Court taking up Yates v. U.S.

Yates v. U.S. is an opportunity for the Supreme Court to check government over-reach and over-criminalization

Cause of Action Amicus Brief in Yates v. United States

Cause of Action filed a brief in support of Yates on February 5, 2014