Daily Caller: Green companies sue Energy Dept. for ‘cronyism,’ leaking confidential business information

Read the full story here. Daily Caller “The government watchdog group Cause of Action filed two lawsuits against the Department of Energy last week on behalf of two green businesses arguing that the department relied on political connections instead of merit-based reviews to award loan guarantees, and leaked the confidential […]

Dan Epstein on WDEL: “This case is about Cronyism plain and simple”

Executive Director Dan Epstein describing our clients XP Vehicles and Limnia, and their case against the crony Department of Energy.   Dan Epstein on XP/Limnia Case (Recorded on WDEL 1/15/2013)

AM-1300 WMEL Producer’s Blog: Bought and Paid for Winners and Losers? The XP Vehicles/Limnia Saga.

Read the full story here. Raised on Hoecakes “In a lawsuit filed by the non-profit group Cause of Action, we may have an answer to that in the future. The lawsuit involves the actions of the Department of Energy (DOE) and loans the Department made to help develop hybrid and […]

FoxNews.com: Electric car designers suing DOE over loan denials, intellectual property disclosure

Read the full story here. Fox News “XP Vehicles and Limnia attempted to file a similar lawsuit in Federal Court of Claims in November, but it was rejected because they did not have legal representation at the time. Now, the companies have teamed up with Cause of Action, a self-proclaimed nonpartisan […]

Bloomberg: Car Companies XP Vehicles, Limnia Sue U.S. Over Loans

Car Companies XP Vehicles, Limnia Sue U.S. Over Loans   By Tom Schoenberg on January 10, 2013 President Barack Obama’s administration played favorites on clean-energy loans while improperly blocking a carmaker and a related technology company from receiving millions in aid, according to two lawsuits. XP Vehicles Inc. and Limnia […]

When cronyism takes the place of merit at the DOE, everyone loses

With the new push towards green energy most recently from the 44th administration, Congress created Department of Energy loan guarantee programs designed to help the private sector develop new technology and products. Sadly, instead of the return Americans were expecting, they found much of their money upside down in poorly […]

Press Release: Cause of Action Sues DOE for Wrongfully Denying Loans to Green Energy Startup Companies

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                               […]