A Low Bar for White House Transparency – But Concerns Rising

Citing “national security risks and privacy concerns,” the White House recently announced that it would no longer disclose the contents of its visitor logs to the public, contrary to a policy introduced and maintained (albeit, inconsistently) by the Obama Administration.  According to The New York Times, White House press secretary Sean […]

More needs to be done to fix FOIA (Judge Lechner Opinion–The Hill)

More needs to be done to fix FOIA By Alfred J. Lechner, Jr. | July 06, 2016 Having just celebrated its “golden” 50th anniversary this Independence Day, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is in desperate need of reform. President Obama issued a memorandum a day after his inauguration directing that the FOIA “should be […]

Cause of Action Institute Sues to Stop White House Obstruction of the Freedom of Information Act

Prevent Obama administration and federal agencies from delaying production of documents that the White House considers politically sensitive Washington, DC – Today, Cause of Action Institute (CoA Institute) filed a lawsuit against 11 federal agencies — plus the Office of the White House Counsel (OWHC) and White House Counsel Neil […]

National Review: The Obama Administration’s Newly Political Approach to FOIAs

At the Treasury Department, the memo came down from the deputy executive secretary, Wally Adeyemo, in December of 2009. Going forward, the memo stated, “sensitive information” requested under the Freedom of Information Act was to be reviewed not only by career FOIA officials but also by a committee of political appointees, including Adeyemo and representatives from the public-affairs, legislative-affairs, and general counsel’s office, before release.

CQ Researcher: Presidential Power

Dan Epstein, Cause of Action’s Executive Director, comments on how President Obama has abused his power.

The Des Moines Register: The Register’s Editorial: Obama administration is wrong to stiff-arm inspectors

Read the full story: The Des Moines Register In August, the nonprofit organization Cause of Action sued the administration, claiming the president’s attorneys have interfered with Freedom of Information Act disclosures simply to prevent the release of information that could be embarrassing to the president.

Washington Examiner: Watchdogs challenge Obama to review ‘White House equities’ impact on FOIA

Cause of Action called for the Obama administration to review the Craig Memo and either withdraw it or clearly define “White House equities.”