Most Transparent Administration in History?

While taking questions during a Google hangout last week, President Obama stated that his administration was the “most transparent administration in history,” and that he could “document that this is the case.” He pointed to the fact that the White House now documents every visitor, and “just about every law […]

Innovative Investigations — How a Watchdog Group Uses the FOIA Process to Push the Limits of Transparency

NOTE: This post, written by our own Mary Beth Hutchins, was first published on Sunlight Foundation’s Blog. We look forward to working with them again.   The need for government transparency has never been greater than it is right now and at Cause of Action, we’re working to make sure […]

WSJ Blog Reports on CoA’s NARA Lawsuit

Read the full article here. Wall Street Journal “A government accountability group filed a lawsuit on August 14 against the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for withholding records pertaining to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) and claiming that these records are not subject to the Freedom of Information […]

Cause of Action Sues For Public Release of Records Revealing the Cause of the Financial Crisis

CAUSE OF ACTION SUES FOR PUBLIC RELEASE OF RECORDS REVEALING THE CAUSE OF THE FINANCIAL CRISIS National Archives Refuses to Grant Records Concerning Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, Claims Records Are Not Subject to FOIA WASHINGTON – Government accountability group Cause of Action (CoA) filed a lawsuit on August 14 against […]

Mother Jones: National Archives Sued Over Financial Crisis Documents

Read the full story here. Mother Jones “Cause of Action, a Washington transparency watchdog that filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking the FCIC documents last year, thinks the American public should not have to wait that long. Late Tuesday, the group sued NARA in federal court in Washington, […]

CoA Asks National Archives to Release FCIC Records

Potential Conflicts of Interest Abound Between FCIC Staff and Outside Entities Involved in Suing Banks Targeted by FCIC Cause of Action sent a Freedom of Information Act Request to the National Archives seeking the release of records it maintains from the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, the body tasked with investigating […]