GreenTech Automotive, Terry McAuliffe, and crony capitalism

SMOKE AND MIRROS GreenTech Automotive, Terry McAuliffe, and crony capitalism By John J. Vecchione and Ryan Mulvey | Jul 22, 2017 A politically connected “green energy” vehicle company that never delivered on its promises is finally being taken to task. A state auditor in Mississippi is demanding GreenTech Automotive repay […]

It’s Time to End the Federal Government’s “Cash-for-Visas” Program

The Washington Post rightly called on the Trump Administration yesterday to end the government’s controversial EB-5 visa regime and, in particular, its Regional Center Program, which was recently extended until the end of September 2017. In most cases, the “Immigrant Investor Program,” or Employment-Based Preference Five (“EB-5”), permits foreign nationals […]

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FOIA Productions U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Gulf Coast Funds Management EB-5 Regional Center Mississippi Development Authority FOIA Request (April 15, 2013) Documents (April 26, 2013) Memorandum of Understanding Office of the Mississippi Secretary of State FOIA Request (May 14, 2013) Documents (May 20, 2013) Mississippi Department of Archives and History Emails regarding GreenTech […]

Dan Epstein on The Schilling Show 11/12/2013

Executive Director Dan Epstein discussing GreenTech Automotive

Dan Epstein on WINA The Schilling Show 9/30/13

Executive Director Dan Epstein discussing our report on GreenTech Automotive.

POLITICO: Bobby Jindal, Haley Barbour boosted visa firm

Bobby Jindal, Haley Barbour boosted visa firm ALEXANDER BURNS | 10/17/13 3:23 PM EDT A company closely tied to former Democratic Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe, and currently under scrutiny for allegedly trying to win political favors from the Department of Homeland Security, earned high-powered support only a few years ago from […]

Washington Post: GreenTech fits pattern of investment that has made big profits for Terry McAuliffe

Read the full story: Washington Post A section dedicated to GreenTech’s public relations efforts cites only one specific initiative: McAuliffe’s past promotion of electric vehicles on “national television news programs.”   Dated March 12, the previously undisclosed prospectus, provided to The Washington Post by the nonprofit watchdog group Cause of Action, […]