Cause of Action Pursues Multimillion Dollar Fraud Lawsuit Against the Chicago Transit Authority After Justice Department Refuses to Intervene

CoA is pursuing False Claims Act litigation against the CTA for engaging in systemic fraud at the expense of taxpayers

Get on the Party Bus with CTA

Cause of Action’s investigative report, “A Bus Tour of Chicago-Style Fraud,” revealed the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) may have improperly received up to $150 million in taxpayer funds, dating as far back as 1982. Since our report was published, we now know that the Department of Transportation was aware of […]

Bloomberg story proves Cause of Action’s investigation right on the money

Last week, Cause of Action released a report called, “A Bus Tour of Chicago Style Fraud.” It turns out that our suspicions were correct. As Bloomberg News reports today , the U.S. Transportation Department knew that “…[the] Chicago Transit Authority collected more federal aid than it should have after inflating […]

Bloomberg News: Chicago Agency Overbilling U.S. Told to Change Mileage Claims

Read the full story here. Business Week “Cause of Action, a Washington-based research organization, in a report last week suggested the federal government was slow to investigate “Chicago-style fraud” at the authority because Transportation Department General Counsel Robert Rivkin held the same post at CTA from 2001 to 2004 and […]

Press Release: FTA Confirms Overreporting by the CTA

FTA Confirms Overreporting by the CTA Cause of Action’s Investigation Into Potential Fraud With Federal Grant Money Exposes CTA & the Department of Transportation   WASHINGTON – In the wake of Cause of Action’s investigation into potential fraud at the Chicago Transit Authority, new facts have emerged confirming not only […]

Letter to CTA Confirms Overreporting of Mileage for Grant Money

As Bloomberg News reports, “The Chicago Transit Authority collected more federal aid than it should have after inflating mileage covered by its bus routes, the U.S. Transportation Department said.” Confirming the investigation of Cause of Action released last week, the letter from the Federal Transit Administration found below, confirms that […]

REPORT: A Bus Tour of Chicago-Style Fraud (Update)

The independent auditor whose report Cause of Action obtained and included in our original report, “A Bus Tour of Chicago-Style Fraud,” has decided to come forward and make his name public. Mr. Thomas Rubin is an outside auditor who was retained by the Illinois Auditor General in 2007. See our […]