Cleveland Plain Dealer: Watchdog group accuses Forest City Enterprises of profiteering at taxpayer expense

Read the full story here: Cleveland Plain Dealer Cause of Action released a report today that claims the Cleveland-based developer used “highly paid lobbyists, political connections, campaign contributions and strategic hiring of government officials” to obtain “lavish public subsidies, tax exempt financing and the seizure of private land from eminent domain condemnations.”   […]

Wall Street Journal: Watchdog Group Accuses Developer of Massive Pay-to-Play Scheme

Read the full story here: Wall Street Journal Cause of Action, a Washington, D.C. non-profit accountability group, said in a reportthat Forest City Enterprises, one of the largest publicly traded U.S. developers, spent $23 million in the last decade on campaign contributions and lobbying expenses while receiving $2.6 billion in government […]

Cause of Action Report Exposes Profiteering Scheme Using Taxpayer Funds

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New York Post: Barclays builder ‘pay to play’

Read the full story here: New York Post “For far too long, Forest City Enterprises has operated on the model of political profiteering, essentially rigging the marketplace by paying off government officials with lavish campaign contributions and gambling with taxpayer funds for its private profit,” said Dan Epstein, CoA’s executive […]

REPORT: Political Profiteering: How Forest City Enterprises Makes Private Profits at the Expense of America’s Taxpayers Part I

Executive Summary When the politically powerful, not the competitive marketplace, determine winners and losers in America’s business decisions, taxpayers take on all of the risk and crony companies extract the profits. The cycle of political profiteering is born when politicians exchange public subsidies for campaign contributions. This method of using […]