David Slays Goliath As LabMD Defeats The Federal Trade Commission

David Slays Goliath As LabMD Defeats The Federal Trade Commission Chief Administrative Law Judge Dismisses Complaint and Hammers the FTC FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 16, 2015 MEDIA CONTACT: Geoff Holtzman l geoff.holtzman@causeofaction.org l 703-405-3511 WASHINGTON – LabMD, an Atlanta-based cancer detection laboratory, was vindicated in its six-year struggle against the Federal Trade Commission’s overreach […]

Cato Institute: A Spurned Vendor — And a Tip To the FTC

Read the full story: Cato Institute  In 2010, the Federal Trade Commission approached an Atlanta-based medical testing company, LabMD, with accusations that it had wrongfully left its customer data insecure and vulnerable to hackers. LabMD’s owner denied that the company was at fault and a giant legal battle ensued. To […]

Gov Info Security: FTC’s LabMD Case: The Next Steps

CoA’s Reed Rubinstein: “The only evidence in the record now is that LabMD was telling the truth from the beginning that they were hacked by a cyberthief, and that the FTC did nothing to verify the information it was given by Tiversa.”

We Live Security: Whistleblower claims cybersecurity firm hacked clients

Ex-employee alleges company does not play by the rules.

CNNMoney: Whistleblower accuses cybersecurity company of extorting clients

Cause of Action fights back against the FTC in legal battle.

Witness in LabMD Proceeding Confirms that FTC Never Checked Source of Key Evidence

A former employee turned whistleblower of Tiversa, Inc, confirmed that the FTC action against LabMD was based on manufactured evidence.

Law360: LabMD Loses Bid To Exclude FTC Docs In Data Security Row

Our legal battle against the FTC continues.