Washington Examiner: Earmarks never went away — they changed addresses

Cause of Action began investigating executive branch earmarks in December 2011, when the group sent FOIA requests to 21 agencies to track down grants.

Federalist Society Teleforum: Redressing Politicized Spending

Cause of Action’s Dan Epstein discusses politicized spending by the Executive Branch during a September 10, 2014 Federalist Society Teleforum. Read more about the phenomenon of Executive Branch earmarks and the transparency problems that persist at www.ExecutiveBranchEarmarks.com/.

Cause of Action Launches Online Resource: ExecutiveBranchEarmarks.com

Cause of Action launched a new online resource today for those concerned about political influence on discretionary spending: ExecutiveBranchEarmarks.com.

Federalist Society Engage Journal: Redressing Politicized Spending

Redressing Politicized Spending Engage Volume 15, Issue 1 February 2014 March 25, 2014 Daniel Z. Epstein Read the full piece: Federalist Society In 2007, the Bush White House sent senior political officials to brief political appointees in federal agencies on how they could help steer federal funds to favor Republican […]

Transparency and Good-Government Groups Encourage Legislative Efforts to Bring Transparency and Accountability to Federal Grant-Making

Cause of Action and the following groups submitted a letter to Congress concerning discretionary grant spending and the GRANT Act

Washington Examiner: Nine people who know how to make government work better, more honestly

Read the full story here. Washington Examiner Daniel Epstein Executive Director, Cause of Action Five most needed victories: 1. Passage of the Data Act and digitalization of all federal spending data. 2. Creation of a private right of action under the Information Quality Act. 3. Creation of judicial review procedures […]

Dan Epstein on KMOX: Why we’re suing the White House over Administrative Earmarks

Dan Epstein – KMOX – St. Louis, MO, March 15, 2012 Dan Epstein explains why Cause of Action is suing the White House over the issue of administrative earmarks.