Briefing Book: Keep it in “Park”: How the CPSC is Stretching the Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine Beyond the Breaking Point

The CPSC is making an unprecedented power grab by trying force an individual to pay for a recall.

Cause of Action Sues CPSC for Withholding Documents

What is the Consumer Product Safety Commission Trying to Keep from the Public About Buckyballs?

Reason: The Feds vs. Craig Zucker

With the pro bono backing of the nonprofit group Cause of Action, Zucker sued the CPSC for what he calls its “unprecedented regulatory overreach.”

The Hill: Safety commission moves to dismiss Buckyball lawsuit

This case is very much about what reins there are on the government

Washington Post: Federal regulators suing Buckyballs founder in rare product-recall case

Read the full story: Washington Post After Zucker shut down his company, the commission responded by naming him in its lawsuit. The commission supported that move with a legal precedent known as the Park doctrine, which allows the government to criminally prosecute corporate officers for failing to prevent violations of […]

Related Documents: Zucker v. CPSC

Craig Zucker’s Case before the CPSC (not represented by CoA) May 9, 2014: Craig Zucker and CPSC Settlement Consent Agreement between Craig Zucker and CPSC United States District Court for the District of Maryland NFIB adopts U.S. Chamber Amicus Brief (April 11, 2014) US Chamber Amicus Brief (April 8, 2014) Response to […]

Dan Epstein on WIBA-AM Upfront w/ Vicki McKenna 11/22/2013

Executive Director Dan Epstein discussing the CPSC’s targeting of Buckyballs.