Cause of Action Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that uses investigative, legal, and communications tools to educate the public on how government accountability and transparency protects taxpayer interests and economic opportunity is looking for extremely motivated, excellence-oriented professionals to join the team in the following roles. Cause of Action addresses key threats to economic freedom through “sunshine advocacy” in the form of information requests under the Freedom of Information Act, regulatory comments and strategic, direct litigation. Cause of Action’s boutique-sized staff and expertise in investigative advocacy enables it to offer premier legal services to individuals and organizations of all sizes in local and national matters. We offer innovative and challenging work, a friendly environment and excellent benefits. We are looking for individuals with diverse backgrounds and experience to complement our strengths and become part of our exciting future.

A typical day for a Counsel may include the following:

  • Work with senior counsel and team leaders to manage matters including strategy, outreach, media, and delegation of assignments.
  • Assist with strategic and tactical decisions in litigation working with senior counsel to fill gaps in legal knowledge.
  • Assist with training junior attorneys and mentor existing staff to build their legal writing, advocacy, case management, and research skills.
  • Ensure that effective messaging, outreach, and investigative work is occurring in addition to legal work.
  • In consultation with senior counsel, manage assigned cases and matters for strategic litigation, meet with clients on strategic litigation matters, and research ways to leverage existing connections into new strategic litigation.
  • Work with communications and investigative staff to assign and divide workloads relating to specific issues.
  • Under leadership’s consultation, draft op-eds, columns, or articles presenting the organization’s work and ideas to legal academics and professionals.

Cause of Action Institute is not currently interviewing, but would like to learn more about interested individuals who might be strong candidates. If you are interested in an opportunity with us, please submit your resume and we will review it as new positions open in the future.


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