Daily Caller: COMPLAINT: IRS ‘improperly withheld’ documents on new nonprofit rules

Cause of Action requested communications between the IRS and the administration to ensure that political bias did not factor into the design of new rules

CBS News: Republicans ratchet up scrutiny of the IRS

Watchdog group Cause of Action filed a lawsuit to delay the rules

The Hill: The politics of targeting

Congress missed two opportunities for strategic investigating

Cause of Action Sues IRS Over Proposed Regulations Affecting Nonprofits

Today Cause of Action took three actions to push back against the IRS’s proposed regulations concerning political activity by nonprofits. 1. A request for the IRS to extend the comment period for its proposed rules affecting 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations. 2. An Information Quality Act petition challenging the IRS’s paperwork burden […]

Dan Epstein on WIBA-AM Upfront w/ Vicki McKenna 01/14/2014

Discussing the FBI’s decision to forego criminal charges in the IRS investigation.

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IRS FOIA Request and Lawsuit February 20, 2014: First Amended Complaint ECF No. 7 First Amended Complaint ECF No# 1-6 to First Amended Complaint Exhibits February 5, 2014: Complaint IRS Complaint - Lawsuit concerning proposed rulemaking 140205 IRS Complaint Exhibits December 24, 2013: FOIA Request to IRS regarding communications with outside […]

Washington Free Beacon: Watchdog Criticizes Justice Dept. Decision to Forego IRS Criminal Investigation

Many questions still unanswered on IRS targeting

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Letter to the Texas Attorney General November 13, 2013: Letter IRS Complaints Against Enroll America For Violating the Internal Revenue Code November 22, 2013 Complaint August 5, 2013 IRS Reply July 29, 2013: Complaint The liability alert letter to the General Counsel of Covered California is here. Liability Alert Letters re: […]

Statement: Cause of Action responds to Rep. Levin and Cummings on IRS investigating ACORN-related groups

Yesterday, the House Ways and Means Committee released new documents claiming “IRS Scrutiny of Progressive Groups,” by highlighting the IRS’ attention to ACORN and its successors. Dan Epstein, Cause of Action’s executive director responded: “Rep. Levin and Rep. Cummings are claiming that the IRS targeted ACORN in the same fashion […]

USA Today: IRS assailed from all sides for lack of transparency

IRS assailed from all sides for lack of transparency Gregory Korte, USA TODAY10:40 a.m. EDT August 19, 2013 Allies and critics alike frustrated by the IRS’ lack of transparency in Tea Party affair WASHINGTON — After admitting it targeted Tea Party groups for additional scrutiny in May, the Internal Revenue […]