Cause of Action Signs Coalition Letter Asking for OGIS Investigation of Administrative Closures

Cause of Action and 13 other groups sent a letter to OGIS urging it to investigate the agency practice of sending “administrative closure” letters.

FOIA Documents: DOJ Assett Forfeitures

FOIA Request (July 2, 2012) Production (August 6, 2012)  

The Des Moines Register: The Register’s Editorial: Obama administration is wrong to stiff-arm inspectors

Read the full story: The Des Moines Register In August, the nonprofit organization Cause of Action sued the administration, claiming the president’s attorneys have interfered with Freedom of Information Act disclosures simply to prevent the release of information that could be embarrassing to the president.

Powerline: Is another Obama Administration Scandal About to Explode?

On September 29, a federal district judge in Washington ruled in Cause of Action’s favor.

Washington Post: Judge: IRS watchdog not exempt from disclosure law in White House case

Obama administration targeting taxpayers for harassment.

Courthouse News Service: IRS Auditor Must Process Tax Disclosure Request

Read the full story: Courthouse News Service Plaintiff Cause of Action, a nonprofit formerly known as the Freedom through Justice Foundation, filed a wide-ranging Freedom of Information Act request with the Internal Revenue Service in October 2012.   Among the items it sought were any documents related to investigations of […]

Washington Free Beacon: Court: Obama Admin Can’t Hide Investigation into Former White House Adviser

Read the full story: Washington Free Beacon Cause of Action filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit after TIGTA refused to confirm or deny the existence of the investigation in what is commonly known as a “Glomar response.”   “The court has ruled that the federal government cannot hide […]

Cause of Action Defeats Treasury IG Tax Office in FOIA Lawsuit

Court Rules that TIGTA Must Process FOIA Request Regarding Investigations Into Tax Records Improperly Shared with the President

Washington Examiner: Watchdogs challenge Obama to review ‘White House equities’ impact on FOIA

Cause of Action called for the Obama administration to review the Craig Memo and either withdraw it or clearly define “White House equities.”

The Seattle Times: Editorial: Commercial photography rule makes the Forest Service look bad

Government watchdog group Cause of Action is suing 12 federal agencies for allowing the White House to conduct politically review of FOIA requests