Washington Free Beacon: Watchdog Group Appeals Government’s Definition of Media

Cause of Action argued in a federal appeals court that the FTC wrongly denied several of its FOIA requests.

ABA Panel Presentation: FOIA: Considerations for Practitioners

CoA Executive Director Dan Epstein’s January 26, 2015 ABA Presentation on FOIA.

The Hill: Six recommendations to make Washington more transparent

Our elected officials can start by taking up transparency and accountability issues to make the government more accountable to taxpayers.

Cause of Action Challenges FTC in Court for Obstructing Transparency

Agency Threatens the Integrity of FOIA, Conduct Part of a Larger Pattern

Washington Examiner: FOIA advocates disagree on timing of reform measure moving through Senate

The FOIA Improvement Act sets limits on the ability of agencies to stonewall requesters

The Hill: Senate Judiciary approves FOIA reform

The FOIA Improvement Act sets limits on the ability of agencies to stonewall requesters.

Cause of Action Statement on Senate Judiciary Approval of the FOIA Improvement Act of 2014

We support steps to establish greater accountability for agencies that currently hinder government transparency through FOIA.

Cause of Action Joins Over Seventy Organizations in Support of FOIA Reform

Cause of Action signed a a coalition letter to Senate Judiciary Committee in urging members to support FOIA reform. The bill is scheduled for mark up on 11/20/2014.

Cause of Action Signs Coalition Letter Asking for OGIS Investigation of Administrative Closures

Cause of Action and 13 other groups sent a letter to OGIS urging it to investigate the agency practice of sending “administrative closure” letters.

FOIA Documents: DOJ Assett Forfeitures

FOIA Request (July 2, 2012) Production (August 6, 2012)