Federal Judge Issues Landmark Ruling on Cronyism in Energy Loan Guarantee Program

A federal judge has declared that U.S. Department of Energy discretionary spending tainted by alleged cronyism and political favoritism is subject to legal challenge.

DOE Follows the Rules After HARDI’s Strong Stand Against Overreach

Thanks to the government oversight and accountability group Cause of Action, HARDI was able to effectively halt administrative abuse

HARDI Settlement with DOE Approved by Court

U.S. District Court of Appeals has approved a settlement in the long-running lawsuit regarding Regional Efficiency Standards.

HARDI Announces Settlement with DOE in Regional Efficiency Standards Lawsuit

Due process in agency rulemaking exists to give all Americans a voice instead of merely relying upon the unelected elite

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The Department of Energy issued a rule that will drive up costs for distributors, installers, and consumers of heating and air conditioning products across the United States.  Refusing to acknowledge properly filed comments and concerns from HARDI, the Department of Energy issued new energy efficiency standards.  Cause of Action took […]

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Cause of Action is representing XP Vehicles, a San Francisco-based electric car company  in a lawsuit against the federal government concerning the U.S. Department of Energy’s denial of XP’s loan guarantee application under the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (AVTM) loan program. United States Court of Federal Claims Opposition to Motion to Dismiss (February […]

Cause of Action files opposing briefs in Department of Energy cronyism lawsuit

As we’ve seen over the past month the DOE is reviving its loan program, this time under new management. Yet Cause of Action (CoA), a government accountability group, hasn’t forgotten how the DOE handled applications for the Loan Guarantee Program in the first go-round. Today CoA took a step in […]

5 Ways the DOE Loan Program and Fisker Automative Failed American Taxpayers

The House Oversight Committee is holding a hearing today on “Green Energy Oversight: Examining the Department of Energy’s Bad Bet on Fisker Automotive.” We’ll be live tweeting beginning at 2pm. 1. According to the DOE Loan Program Office, $34.5 billion of loans have created about 60,000 jobs, which is $575,000 per job. […]

Buying an Energy Loan

The introduction of government influence into the market places an incentive for businesses to use the government’s power in order to garnish a larger share of the market. Perhaps better known as cronyism, this attempt to use politics in favor of private business is often characterized by campaign contributions for […]

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