Cause of Action Testifies Before Congress On Questionable White House Detail Program

CoA investigation found no safeguards in place to prevent Justice Department tax attorneys from sharing private taxpayer information with unauthorized White House officials.

CoA Uncovers Questionable Practice between the DOJ and White House

WASHINGTON – Cause of Action, a nonprofit government accountability organization, has uncovered an ongoing practice at the Department of Justice whereby Tax Division attorneys, some of whom have worked directly on IRS targeting matters, are assigned to the White House to provide legal advice to the President. “This ongoing practice […]

Washington Examiner: Justice Department officials may have shared taxpayer info with White House

Cause of Action’s Executive Director says in letter to DOJ IG, “Documents obtained by Cause of Action have revealed that since 2009, several DOJ Tax Division attorneys, many of whom have been involved in litigation where … protected information was involved, have elected to serve the president as ‘clearance counsel.'”

Government Executive: GOP Tax Panel Chairmen Press for White House Emails in IRS Probe

Chairmen send letter to IRS in regard to sharing of confidential taxpayer information.

Nonprofit Quarterly: Missing Lerner Emails May Lead to Criminal Charges for Former IRS Chief

Unrecoverable Lois Lerner emails that were found could result in criminal charges.

Washington Examiner: Cause of Action presses IRS on taxpayer data shared with White House

CoA files a motion against the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

TIGTA Undermines Taxpayer Privacy

Cause of Action is asking a federal court to grant its motion for summary judgment against the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.