Warren’s Washington Internet Daily: FTC Testimony in Data Security Case to Address Standards, May Affect Hill Debate, Say Observers

Read the full story: Warren’s Washington Internet Daily Despite the multiple dismissals, LabMD will continue its legal battle outside the ALJ process, Rubinstein told us. Federal judges have been receptive to LabMD’s argument, he said. Judge William Duffey, presiding over the May 7 hearing in Atlanta, repeatedly berated the FTC’s […]

LabMD Files Appeal, Takes Fight Against FTC Back to 11th Circuit

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) “the public is served by guiding people beforehand rather than beating them up after.”

The FTC goes to federal court, and the Judge was not impressed

In a hearing before U.S. District Court Judge William Duffey in the North District of Georgia, the government made some ridiculous arguments and was criticized by a federal judge for shutting down a small business without providing any guidance. Here are some of the highlights from the hearing: The government […]

Cause of Action statement concerning LabMD and denial of preliminary injunction in North District of Georgia

We continue to believe that the FTC is exercising authority it does not have and using its power to punish a company that objected to agency overreach

LabMD Sues Federal Trade Commission

The FTC continues to exemplify the dangers of unbridled federal agency overreach into areas in which they have no authority

Law360: LabMD Slams FTC’s ‘Abuse Of Power’ In Data Breach Probe

FTC continues to act without the authority granted to it by Congress — authority they admitted only last month they do not have

Roll Call: FTC’s Data Security Grab Is Adjudication without Authority

Operating outside the bounds of law should never be tolerated — whether it is snooping data thieves or large government agencies

Wall Street Journal: FTC Cyber Case Has Nearly Put Us Out of Business, Firm Says

“FTC investigation of the alleged data security problems has been onerous”

Statement on FTC Denial of Motion to Dismiss

Cause of Action will continue to fight the FTC’s arbitrary abuse of power in federal court.


Commissioner Brill chose to recuse herself from review of the LabMD proceedings